A Step-by-Step Guide to the Process of Completing my Cabin
Gives a good overview of the process from start to finish...

Photos below detail the ENTIRE process.
Start at the bottom and work your way up.



June / July 2005 - Building the deck.  I had Mike and his crew out again to help me build the deck.  We built the frame for the deck, then laid down all the deckboards, put up the log railings and stained it all.  It really helps to complete the place!

November / December 2004 - Just about finished!  We planted a tree, raked some leaves, and finished the stinking chinking, got the phone line installed and put in some phones, had our first Thanksgiving at the cabin, hung up some pictures, installed a redneck antenna to watch Football, and finished off a bunch of other little tasks like cabinetry work, and other little stuff.


October 2004 - We're getting to the point of putting the finishing touches on the cabin - in this installment, we stained the upstairs porches, applied the UV guard to protect against the sun and moisture and stuff, and built the door for the water heater closet, finished off some trim work, and built the little cubby hole for board games, and hung more pictures and plates and stuff inside



August/September 2004 - The Wallpaper Guy finished the upstairs now too, and we hung the Cedar Trim around all the doors - Mike Evans came out to build the Porches on the second story - we chopped up a log, and made a really cool looking Log Light out of it for the Great Room - Finished up the Outside Window Trim - Hung the Blinds, and finished off the Handles on the Kitchen Cabinets - Oh, and Blinky paid me a visit!

July 2004 - The Wallpaper guy has finished the downstairs, so we rented a big truck, emptied out my storage locker, and started hanging stuff up - we also mowed the lawn for the first time - Brian built a pantry, while Ron finished off the kitchen cabinetry, and put up the crown molding

May 2004 - Brian and Eddy pull out the scaffolds and grinders to finish grinding and staining the log ends - installing the washer and dryer - The first home-cooked meal in the cabin - Veal Parm of course- Brian's birthday party - and HarborFest 2004 in South Haven

April 2004 - A couple of different trips here - the whole gang building the kitchen countertop, Brian and Dad installing the stove and cooktop, and everyone lending a hand in the tiling of the kitchen countertops - oh, and of course, we have to take some time to take Tyler on his first canoe trip!

March 2004 - A couple of different trips here - the first view of the finished hardwood floors, photos of my mom and Cherish tiling the showers in the bathroom, Ron Kalbas cutting and assembling the cedar for the window and door trim, Brian and Cherish's Spring Cleanup of the outside of the place, and a bunch of leftover pics from other various trips.

February 2004 - A relaxing trip to the cabin with Cherish, and the Boyles, and my mom & dad for the IceBreaker Festival in South Haven.  And the start of the hardwood floors.

January 2004 - Mudding and taping the drywall, doing more chinking (we're almost done, I swear), staining the interior doors, and some really cool shots of the cabin with the snow falling.

December 2003 - Finishing the drywall, doing more chinking, hanging the interior doors, installing the vent fans in the bathrooms, getting the wood delivered for the hardwood floors, and pictures of the puppies

November 2003 - We've moved most of the work inside.  We have started drywalling, and have gotten my appliances and kitchen cabinets delivered and put in place.  Includes a fun little lesson in drywalling a log cabin.

October 2003 - Alright, so I'm a little behind again.  Here's a whole bunch of stuff like the first view of my trapezoid windows, the first night spent in the cabin, using the backhoe, hauling the mattresses, and building the canoe hut.  In no particular order cause I don't even remember which came first.

September 2003 - Lots of cool stuff in this update.  I brought Mike Evans down from up north again to put in my doors and windows.  We installed all of the doors and all of the lower windows leaving just the upper bank of trapezoid windows yet to be done.  Also, I got my heat and air conditioning installed!

August 2003 - I recruited my pressman Eddy and some of his friends from church to continue chinking, so that I could get moving on the other projects...like grindering the stairs...and staining the inside of the building...no need to whip out the dictionary, you ain't gonna find the word grindering in there anywhere!

August 2003 - Well, as you would guess, even more chinking going on.  Gary and I continued chinking, and still managed to squeeze in some fun time in South Haven.  I also was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Aunt Jeannie, Uncle Greg, and Lizzie!

July 2003 - Lots of fun stuff in this update - the big project is the Chinking, but we also cut my log ends into sweeps, built a big old rustic Archway in my driveway, and a mini-staircase.  These photos are from 2 separate weekends up there; one with Dan and Anne, and another with my buddy Gary.

July 2003 - These photos encompass two weekends of work on both Staining and Electrical - my buddies Ken and Gary came up to help stain - and my dad took the electrical as far as he could, so we brought our electrician that we use at the print shop up there to tie it all together and bring it outside to the box for the power company to hook up to.

June 2003 - Took a week off from work and got my Arkansas Buddies to come out and help put in the Plumbing, start the staining, and drink.  You know whenever that crowd's around, there's gonna be drinking involved.  But we got a lot accomplished and I now have running water.

June 2003 - Figured that it was time to take a weekend off from construction to do something FUN.  We trekked off to Wolverine, Michigan for the annual Lumberjack Festival.  Wolverine is about a half hour shy of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so it was a haul, but tons of fun.

June 2003 - Decided that it was time to start enjoying the place, so I went to Galyans and bought a Canoe.  So, we trekked off to the Cabin to finally get out on the water.  We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of work too, though.

May 2003 - Memorial Day Weekend - we used ALL three days and had several projects - we applied a chemical to remove the outer coating off of the logs - then put a bug repellent on - and began running the electrical wiring in the loft area.

May 2003 - What a difference a set of stairs can make!  Absolutely amazing.  We put in the log stairs, put up the interior walls, cleaned up, burned scrap, and got rid of ALL the woodpiles laying around.

February 2003 - Oh lord.  I guess that about sums it up.  We went up for the weekend for the South Haven Ice Breaker Festival (chili cook-off & ice carving).  Well the weekend was filled with one crazy event after another, and, well, just click on the link and see for yourself.

November 2002 - I got the crew back up there to put the metal roof on before winter set in.  We also did some of the remaining interior work such as starting the log stairs, putting stairs in the basement, and doing some final cutting of the remaining logs.

November 2002 - My buddies Gary & Ken joined me to seal the place up for winter.  We chain-sawed, burned wood, put plastic in the windows, cleaned up, put in some temporary doors, and toasted marshmallows over the fire!  It was a blast...well, at least for me.

October 2002 - Ouch, winter is fast approaching and I need to get the roof on!  Here are a bunch of photos of me and my crew hanging the tongue and groove for the ceiling and starting construction of the roof and insulation and all that good stuff.

August 2002 - Well, these pics sat on my laptop for a while before being "re-discovered."  These are many more photos from the log stacking process. 

August 2002 - Holy Cow, the logs have arrived and are stacked.  Follow this link to see day-by-day updates of Brian and Randy with their wonderful crew of log-builders (Mike, Terry, Rob, and Tim) as they assemble the cabin in a record-pace of 10 days.

August 2002 - Getting Closer! - I have the foundation poured and the logs ordered - so we're ready to get rolling....I am planning on the last week of August for the log work to begin (and end hopefully)...thanks to Ken and Randy for taking this trip with me.....and thanks to Tim for bringing the Gun.....

July 2002 - Well, I now have a big hole in the ground...and an address....so I guess that's progress.....as you will see, the hole is dug for the foundation and I am planning on having the foundation finished by the end of July....then comes the fun log work....

June 2002 - Wow, what a difference.....I had the tree guy out to chop down the bigger trees that I could not do myself, and the excavators out to put in the driveway and start digging the septic field and the hole for the foundation.....it really looks amazingly like a construction site now...imagine that.....

April 2002 - And we have begun.... yup, gotta get moving.... I've got logs coming this summer.... I picked a path and began clearing the driveway.... thanks to my pal Gary for tagging along.... only one minor chainsaw mishap, and we both still have all of our fingers, so I guess it went pretty smoothly.

December 2001 - Flew out to Montana to meet with Neville Log Homes (www.nevilog.com) to tour their facility and view a model home similar to the one I am building...photos of that model home can be seen here.  Special thanks to Rick Bice for the hospitality while in Montana.

August 2001 - Took a nostalgic trip up to South Haven for Labor Day Weekend with Mom, Dad, and Dan - The land was a bit more "overgrown" than I anticipated - Mom says her next trip will be AFTER the land is cleared...

February 2001 - Drove Up To Take Photos and Determine the Boundaries of the Land - Seen Here With Snow Covering Most Everything

January 2001 - Scouted Out Land - Found Piece of Land - 4.5 acres on a small lake - No Photos Here - This Page is Primarily Informational - Maps & Plans