A Crazy Weekend...

So we begin by driving up there on a Friday night...there was 3 of us...myself, my buddy Randy and my buddy Gary...now, in case you hadn't heard the horror stories, Gary snores louder than a dozen bears hibernating for the winter.  Normally, whenever I go anywhere with Gary, I bring earplugs that muffle, but cannot possibly hope to eliminate, the noise.  So, we decided to book him his own room.

Before we left, we received report of a 60 car pile-up on the highway 1 mile after the exit we were getting off at.  Perhaps we should have taken this as a sign and stayed home.....but we pressed on...

So we get to the hotel, and the accident had been cleaned up.  So Randy and I go to our room and Gary to his.  Little did I realize that the spirit of Gary was going to haunt me as Randy, who has never snored on any of our past trips, starts snoring like a friggin BEAR too...ugh....

So we get up the next morning and head out to my cabin.  Everything looks fine, but the path in (which was not plowed) is a little slippery...and yes, you will hear more about this later...

Here are some great photos of the cabin from the "partially-frozen" lake...yes, I said "partially"...

A Great View of
the Cabin from
the "almost"
frozen lake
Close Up of
the house from
the lake
From the back
of the house
The Side
A Different
One more
One more
We were pretty far
out in the middle
of the lake before
Gary's foot fell in...
View of the Lake
View of the Lake
Randy climbs
where the stairs
are gonna be

So we decide to walk out onto the frozen lake for a view of the cabin from the lake.  We're hearing a little crackling, but figure that is normal.  Suddenly, near the center of the lake, Gary's foot breaks through the ice and sinks about 6 inches.  Well we decide that is enough and head towards the safer shoreline area.  It seems safe enough there, so we start hiking around the perimeter of the lake.  Suddenly Randy breaks through the ice and is diving for shore.  Luckily, the water was only up to his knees, or we'd have been in real trouble.  So, after that, we decide that we've had enough of walking on the ice and head for shore.

Here's where
Randy punched
thru the ice
Luckily it was
only up to
his knees
He didn't seem
to find it as
funny as we did
And here's all
three pictures
We get back to the truck, and Randy changes into a new pair of socks and borrows Gary's extra pair of boots.   So, we proceed backing out of the driveway since there is no place to turn around.  Well, when we do find a place to turn around, there is a solid sheet of ice underneath it, and my truck gets stuck.  So we spend about a half hour getting the truck unstuck to get near the gate leading out of my property (which is closed).  But when we stop to open the gate, we're on ANOTHER sheet of ice and trying to go up a small hill.  Well, we get about halfway up the hill and start sliding sideways.....towards a pretty steep ditch......

So a bunch of pushing and tires spinning later, the truck is leaning precariously TOWARDS the ditch and we decide to call my motor club. Luckily enough, at this point, a guy in another big pickup truck sees our predicament and stops to lend a hand.  One pull later, and we are back on the road again.  People in Michigan are all usually pretty nice, so thanks to that man for the assist.
You can see how
deep the snow was
And underneath
the snow was a
solid sheet of ice...
Luckily, Michigan
people are nice....

So, now we head into town and stop at WalMart to buy new pants, shoes and boots which were all pretty thoroughly soaked all the way through.  The people at WalMart found it pretty funny too, cause we changed into the new stuff in the dressing rooms and just brought our dirty wet clothes up to the checkout lane with the tags from the clean stuff we were wearing.  They even gave us bags for the dirty clothes we were purchasing...

So, then we head into town for the chili cook-off, which was a good time.  No real crazy events to note there.

Randy pets the
ice doggie...
Brian poses with
the headless
ice sculpture
Randy & Gary
watch the ice

Then, as we always do, we headed down to the beach to check out the lighthouse.  Well, of course, Randy is on the lookout for weak areas of ice (can't imagine why), and decides that we should throw some chunk of ice out from the pier to see how thick the ice is.  So he gathers up some blocks of ice to throw and distributes them.  Well, here we are throwing ice, when suddenly I realize that the last block of ice I just threw out into Lake Michigan was NOT a chunk of ice, but was, instead, my camera!

Luckily, I had just put a new roll of film in it, so I did not lose any critical pictures, but will have to buy a new camera now.   Then, I sneak around the backside of the lighthouse to take a pee.....well, on the way down, I start to slide on the ice, and my hat blows off my head.  So I need to make a quick decision, do I save myself or my hat? 

Needless to say, I chose myself.  So there goes my hat over the edge and into the drink.

We think Lake
Michigan is frozen...
Everyone's favorite
The South Haven
If you look real
close, you can see
the string of my
camera floating
in the water...

So, of course that meant another trip to WalMart to replace my hat.....which I then wore thru WalMart with the tags still on it.....another good laugh for the WalMart staff I am sure.

So, at that point we decided that it was time to go get some Broasted Chicken and head back to Illinois. 

Of course, Gary did spill his drink all over Randy's coat.  But we made it home alive...