Wallpapering - Cedar Trim - Porches - and More


Upstairs Wallpaper & Cedar Trimwork
0cabin32 (1)
The Cedar Trim
stacked & waiting
0cabin32 (2)
Cherish pre-stains
all the boards for
easy assembly!
0cabin32 (3)
Brian cuts the
pre-stained boards
to size...
0cabin32 (5)
...and goes inside
and nails them
in place
0cabin32 (0)
Wallpaper in the
master bedroom
wolves & birch bark


0cabin32 (7)
Loft Area
wallpaper -
a different
wolf scene
0cabin32 (4)
Another shot of
the loft
0cabin32 (6)
Cherish finishes off
staining some
window trim
Building the Upstairs Porches
4cabin32 (4)
The girls stain
the boards for the
upstairs porches
4cabin32 (6)
Mom, Cherish and
Gizmo hard at work!
 4cabin32 (0)
Okay, remember
what I told you...
4cabin32 (5)
...about coloring
in the lines....
4cabin32 (1)
Brian throws the
boards down on
the porch



4cabin32 (3)
Mike Evans waves
Hello to all his
adoring fans!
4cabin32 (2)
The other side of
the house

How about
a monkey?

Um, I guess this is
where the finished
pic should go...
Building the Log Light for the Great Room
1cabin32 (0)
Brian lugs the log
down from the pile
in the back of his
1cabin32 (6)
Grindering the log
ends (don't ya just
love that word?)
1cabin32 (7)
Um, I pledge
allegiance to the
1cabin32 (8)
Moving the log
to stain it...I think
we killed the
1cabin32 (3)
Drilling a hole thru
the log to pass
the wire thru to
the bottom...
1cabin32 (4)
Running the cord
in the groove we
cut in the top of
the log
1cabin32 (5)
Wiring the light
before raising
it into place
1cabin32 (2)
Setting up
the pulley
1cabin32 (1)
Testing the
2cabin32 (5)
Attaching the
track lighting to
the log
1cabin32 (9)
The finished

A Barrel of
Kitchen Cabinetry
2cabin32 (2)
Cherish organizes
the cabinets...and
puts down GIRLY
paper in the bottoms
of the cabinets ;-)
2cabin32 (6)
Dad actually looks
happy in front
of the breakfast
bar / island
2cabin32 (7)
Cherish climbs up
to lend a hand
2cabin32 (1)
Check out the
Mom Drilling the
holes for the
cabinet handles
2cabin32 (3)
Still going, and
going, and going...
2cabin32 (4)
...she's like the
Energizer Monkey!
How YOU doing?
Outside Window Trim
3cabin32 (1)
Brian takes a few
3cabin32 (6)
Mike Evans works
on the last two
3cabin32 (0)
Brian and Tyler
take a break
3cabin32 (5)
Yeah, that looks
real safe, huh?
3cabin32 (4)
Brian shows Tyler
how to use the
Nail Gun


3cabin32 (3)
Smile Guys!
3cabin32 (2)
Really, I'm not
choking the kid...

A Monkey with
a baseball bat...
Installing the Blinds
5cabin32 (1)
A monkey with a....
oops, nevermind....
5cabin32 (0)
Cherish unpacks
the blinds
5cabin32 (4)
Check out Mom's
look of intense
5cabin32 (2)
Check out the Blinds!

6cabin32 (3)
Mike Worcester
takes in the sights
6cabin32 (0)
You just GOTTA
have a
Gizmo Photo!
6cabin32 (1)
Mike outside the
6cabin32 (2)
Mike and Brian
on their way
back from Detroit
    sorry, no monkeys here
Assorted Pics
7cabin32 (11)
Stand back...
7cabin32 (12)
...we don't know
how big this
thing is gonna get!
7cabin32 (10)
Peeling off the
paper we've had
on the stairs
for a year!
7cabin32 (9)
Brian applies a
coat of poly to
the stairs
7cabin32 (1)
Tyler gets dressed
to go fishing
7cabin32 (0)
Tyler out fishing
with the neighbors
7cabin32 (5)
wallpaper the
7cabin32 (6)
It was kind of
a failed experiment,
but they had FUN!
7cabin32 (4)
Gizmo and her
Hot Dog!
7cabin32 (3)
Burning more
7cabin32 (13)
Giz, that can't possibly
be comfortable
7cabin32 (14)
Cherish sews the
curtains for the
guest bedroom
7cabin32 (2)
Dad wiring an
electrical box in
the floor
7cabin32 (7)
Brian and Gizmo
take a walk down
by the lake....
7cabin32 (8)
Ribbit Ribbit
Hey! That's
not a monkey!

Tell us how you
really feel pal...