Staining the Porches & Applying UV Guard
(and more and more inside stuff and finishing touches)


Staining the Porches Upstairs 
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Applying the UV Guard
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Setting up the
Paint Sprayers
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Setting up the
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Miles of scaffolds...
err, alright a couple
of sections at least
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Gary taping up
the Trapezoid
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It took longer to tape
up the windows than
it did to spray on
the UV Guard
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Brian gets to do
all the high
1-brianslogcabin (16)
Yeah, that looks
the ladder while
hanging off the
end of the scaffold...
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Brian says
"Yeah, I got your
safety regulations
right here pal..."
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Gives you some
perspective, huh?
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Brian waves down
from his perch...
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Gary sprays the
porch overhang
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Brian works on
the 2nd story...
More Inside Stuff & Finishing Touches
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Brian wires in the
new lights in the
Great Room
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Cherish stains the
door for the Water
Heater closet
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The door for the
Water Heater closet
2-brianslogcabin (28)
Hey look, it even
opens and closes
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Hanging some more
pictures in the loft
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The Log Cabin
Syrup Bottles
on display
2-brianslogcabin (39)
A little cubby hole
to store old-fashioned Board Games in...
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Cherish unpacks
some more plates
for the walls
Marshmallow Toasting
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Tyler and his
friend Dominic
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It was too cold and
rainy to toast them
outside, so...
3-brianslogcabin (32)
...we brought
them inside!
3-brianslogcabin (34)
Check out the
3-brianslogcabin (35)
Burnt marshmallows
I never understood
burning them...


3-brianslogcabin (36)
Mmm, take a bite
and smile boys!
3-brianslogcabin (33)
Check out the
Gooey Mess...
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Oops, how'd this
picture get here?
I've been cautioned
about making any
 jokes about needing
a wide-angle lens...


Assorted Pics
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Cherish has a little
"mishap" with a
bucket of water...
looks like the bucket
of water won...


4-brianslogcabin (37)
Brian chopping
up some wood
4-brianslogcabin (38)
Brian gives a
Tim Allen grunt
as he uses his
1-brianslogcabin (24)
How much is
that Gary in
the window?